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Will cannabis bring out voters? | Will FDA regulate CBD? | Tilray wants HEXO | Chill Brands wanted cash | Episode 460

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Will cannabis bring voters to the polls? There are renewed calls for the FDA to regulate CBD. Tilray wants to buy HEXO and Chill Brands shareholder wants more cash money.

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In today's episode of "Cannabis Daily", here's what we're covering:

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Episode Transcription

For today's stories

Hey there  - Neal Veglio, here - host of the Cannabis Daily Show.

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And on those - let’s get into them

 First story… 

Look - I’m going to address him as locals will so please don’t get het up if you’re listening in the UK 

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is running for a Senate seat. 

"And? So what, Neal?", I hear you murmur.

Well, he’s leaning into cannabis legalisation as a way to lure voters to the polls, according to Politico.

Ooh I’m totally going to something here because I’ll get to use my bleep sound.


“It’s high time that we get our sh*t together and legalise weed in PA + USA,”

reads his top-selling campaign T-shirt.

He might need to hire a better copywriter.

 “More justice, jobs, revenue, and freedom.” it continues!

Ummm ok no this next bit wasn’t written on the t shirt. 

Just as well - it probably wouldn’t fit.

“If [candidates] support marijuana, they’re more about the people!”

Those were the words of one 25-year-old voter. 

They went on with more praise saying “I feel like even though they’re older, that they’re still listening to the younger people who are eventually going to be making America, America.”

Next Story

Experts at the US Hemp Roundtable claim they can prove the relative safety of CBD. The organisation’s renewed its calls on the Food and Drug Administration to regulate cannabidiol, according to a press release.

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Yeah don’t worry we’re planning on making that easier for you to find. 

Gimme a chance this is my third day on the gig!

Anyway here’s the skinny from the study of more than one thousand participants and 17 CBD companies

It showed no evidence of:

Dr Robert Kaufman the director of research for Validcare was pretty stoked

“The data in this study looks really good; it’s highly significant, and the chances of it being wrong are very, very small,” he said.

And he’d probably know as the former professor of medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. 

He says he’s hoping the data will allow the FDA to regulate what he called these popular CBD products.

Third story…

BMO Capital Markets have put out a document outlining possible ways Quebec-based Hexo could change its strategy, 

Tilray’s apparently been interested in grabbing the company at a price of “$2.00 to $3.00 per share” since last November, according to publication

That offer’s been rejected but the corporation agreed back in December of last year to enter into a confidentiality and standstill agreement 

At the time, Hexo was trading between $1.30 and $2.35. It’s currently trading at 41 cents. 

According to the report, Tilray still wants 50% of the company after buying the rest of its debt. 

Final story…

BusinessCann’s reporting that shareholders of international CBD company Chill Brands have voted to raise £4 million. 

And its CEO claims that’ll be enough to keep the company going “this financial year..

It will be an uphill battle for the 26-year-old head of the struggling company. Share prices are at an all-time low, and dropped 30% following the announcement.

They’re also looking at cost cutting and improvements to the sales channels (especially digital) 

They’re apparently focused on putting Chill in a healthier financial position while creating a strong investment case.

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